Thursday, May 26, 2016

About Me

Who am I?
The real answer is "I'm still on that journey"
But today...
I'm just Brandi.
Welcome to my blog!

I am a 32 year old cake decorator from Detroit, Michigan. I currently work at local cupcake bakery and have dreams of opening my own bakery someday. I don't do much outside of work other than bake out of my home and I am known to pick up an occasional hobby or two every now and then, but I look forward to moving my life into a more productive and active direction.

I'm so happy you decided to stop by and experience this journey with me.

Here are 10 things about me, you just HAVE TO know:

1. I am an artist/designer...sometimes. I love everything about art and design. From the time I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be artist. I graduated high school from the Detroit School of Arts and was a graphic design major in college at The International Academy of Design and Technology but did not finish. I do paint occasionally and I have a sketchbook full of ideas that I plan on bringing to life and hopefully sharing with you guys, soon.

2. I've never had a driver's license. Guys, I know! It's bad. When I was learning how to drive, I hit a car and have been traumatized and terrified to get behind the wheel ever since. I'm currently looking into adult driving classes. Don't laugh.

3. I have been both vegan and vegetarian. I'm not anti-meat. Meat is actually delicious. We'll talk later about this.

4. I LOVE Hip Hop. Like, I'm obsessed! If you already know me, you KNOW my favorite rappers are Kendrick and Lupe. No questions. I also like Blu, who actually made my favorite hip hop album everrrrr...Below the Heavens, and a list of others guys who are pretty dope.

5. I have nine siblings. Six sisters and three brothers. I am the oldest.

6. I dream of living in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle or Portland, preferably. I've never been to either city but they seem like places I need to be.

7. I want to study photography. When I graduated high school, my plan was to go to  college and become this awesome photojournalist. Obviously, that never happened but it is my goal to purchase a camera and get out here!

8. I love to read. I picked this up from my mom, who has always been an avid reader. I'm always looking for a good book. Any suggestions?

9. I am on a journey to lose 70 pounds. I had a goal to lose 100 pounds this year. I've lost 30 and although I've struggled the past couple months, I'm looking forward to getting this 70 pounds off,  I just have to stay focused. weight loss is not easy.

10. I would love to be a wife and mother someday. This is touchy for me. Honestly, at 32, sometimes I feel like my time is running out, but only time will really tell.

I hope that you all continue to come along for the ride here at From Brandi, With Love. I'm so happy to share this journey of self love, self care and my passions with you!

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